Evergreen Factor Policies

We strive to give you our very best in order to enhance your Evergreen Factor ultra-health experience with us and at our bio-wellness facility. We adhere to certain policies to benefit you, and create a harmonious environment where our Evergreen Factor team members can focus on your needs. We know you will have a pleasant experience with us as we strive to exceed your expectations!



We value your privacy. We follow stated HIPAA guidelines. If you would like another individual to be able to speak to your account, make appointments, or request billing information, than their name must be noted on your account as authorized. We are not able to disclose any guest or member information to non-family members at any time.



Arrive 15 minutes prior to your treatment or session to allow ample time to check in and prepare for your treatment. Arriving late will, unfortunately, limit the time for your treatment or session. Your treatment or session will end on time so that the next guest is not delayed.


No Show & Late Arrival Policy

If arrival is delayed, we will make every effort to accommodate your full appointment but this is not always possible. Service time may be abbreviated to avoid delays for other guests and are charged at full value. If you schedule an Evergreen Factor session or treatment and you either fail to show; or arrive more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, you permit us to charge you the full value for the treatment. We do not provide refunds on treatments that you miss or for which you show up late.


Late Cancel Policy

As a courtesy to you and other Members and Guests, we strive to start all Evergreen Factor sessions and treatments at their scheduled times. If you must cancel a scheduled session or treatment, we require that you provide us with at least 12 hours of advance notice. If cancellation of your appointment is within or less than the 12 hours from the scheduled start time, you permit us to charge you for half the value of the session. We do not provide refunds for appointments of treatments or sessions that you fail to properly cancel.



Please be advised Evergreen Factor accepts cash payments in-facility and MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit and debit cards are welcome along with gift cards when applicable both online and in-facility. At this time, we only accept payment from US based accounts. We can also accept payment through an HSA plan as long as the account credit card is provided and approvals have been met. Contact your HSA provider to verify what wellness treatments and services qualify. We do not provide super bills.


Freeze/Suspend Memberships

You can freeze/suspend your membership at any time, for up to 6 months. All recurring dues will be suspended and not charged during this time. Your membership will resume on the same billing cycle on the unfreeze/un-suspend date indicated on the written freeze/suspend form.



You may cancel your Recurring Dues Membership at any time by providing us with 30 day written notice stating your desire to cancel. If you cancel, your Agreement will remain in effect until the end of your then-current Billing Cycle. If you have allocated but unused Evergreen Factor treatments or sessions available at the time of cancellation, you will have six (6) months from their date of issuance to redeem them. If not used redeemed within this six (6) month window, the Evergreen Factor services, treatments, or sessions will be considered forfeited and lost, and no refund will be provide.


Courteous Environment

As a courtesy to other guests, please maintain a quiet level of conversation. Cell phones and all mobile devices must be turned off or put on silent when checking in and while using services.


Minors Policy

Evergreen Factor will provide services to guests between the age of 13 to 17 only if a parent/guardian is present to sign the guest waiver. We are not able to provide treatments or services to any guest 12 years of age or under. This policy will not supersede any state or local regulations that concern the provision of Evergreen Factor type services to minors.


Prices Subject to Change

We are constantly expanding our services to bring you the latest and greatest. Although we make every effort to keep our website and menu updated, please note that prices and services are subject to change at any time. We love having you as a guest but we do reserve the right to refuse service at any time, to anyone, for any reason.


Facility Purchases

We are not able to accept any returns on any products or supplements once they have left our Evergreen Factor facility. No refunds on unused services once purchased and use has started.


Sick or Feeling Unwell?

If you are sick or under the weather, please let us know so we can reschedule your Evergreen Factor appointment. Using an Evergreen Factor service while sick is not recommended and in some cases can make you feel worse. We also would like to remind you that Evergreen Factor is an open space facility, and want to make sure to respect and protect everyone’s well-being.



If you purchase and receive Services from us under a membership package, then we consider you a “Member.” As a Member, you will be expected to enter into a Membership Agreement with us. All membership packages are sold on a recurring dues basis, meaning your membership will automatically renew each month until you properly cancel the Agreement, or the Agreement expires.



Last Updated: April 12th, 2023



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