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True wellness is more than just the absence of disease...
it's a holistic state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. That's why we've developed an innovative approach to bio-wellness that combines cutting-edge biometric monitoring and reporting technology with personalized coaching and support. Whether you're looking to improve your fitness, manage stress, or enhance your overall wellness, our biometric-based approach can help you achieve your goals.

Discover the potential of natural healing through our personalized quiz!

You are unique and deserve a personalized approach to wellness... 

Our quiz is designed to help you discover the perfect treatment for your needs. By answering a series of questions about your lifestyle, health concerns, and wellness goals, you will receive a personalized recommendation for the ideal treatment at Evergreen Factor. Our team of experts will use this information to create a customized experience that caters to your specific needs, helping you achieve a state of balance and harmony.

Harness the power of cold!



Whole Body Cryotherapy

Welcome to Evergreen Factor, where we believe in pushing the boundaries of health and wellness. We are proud to offer Whole Body Cryotherapy. This cutting-edge therapy is designed to help you achieve optimal physical and mental performance by harnessing the power of cold. In just a few short minutes, you can experience a range of benefits that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world.

What is Cryotherapy?


Whole Body Cryotherapy involves standing in a special chamber filled with sub-zero nitrogen gas for a brief period of time, typically 2-3 minutes. During this time, the body's natural healing mechanisms are activated, resulting in a host of benefits.

The extreme cold of the chamber triggers the body's "fight or flight" response, causing blood to rush to the core in an effort to protect vital organs. As a result, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the body's tissues more efficiently, while toxins and metabolic waste are removed at a faster rate.


What are the benefits of

Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Enhanced mental health

The release of endorphins during Cryotherapy can also lead to reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, and enhanced overall mental wellness.

Boosted metabolism

Exposure to cold temperatures can also stimulate the body's metabolism, leading to increased calorie burn and potential weight loss.


Increased energy

The cold temperatures of WBC can stimulate the release of adrenaline and endorphins, which can lead to increased energy and improved mood.

Reduced Inflammation

Cryotherapy can help reduce inflammation throughout the body, which can lead to improved joint health, reduced muscle soreness, and increased mobility.

What to expect during your session:
When you arrive for your Whole Body Cryotherapy session, we'll provide you with a robe, socks, and mitts to protect your extremities from the cold.

You'll then select the settings that are right for you - whether you prefer it cold, colder, or coldest.

After changing into the provided gear, you'll enter the CryoChamber and press start for an invigorating, 3-minute session. Our trained staff will be in contact with you throughout the session to ensure your comfort. The chambers are sterile, comfortable, and can be easily opened from the inside.

Once your session is complete, you'll exit the CryoChamber and return to the dressing room where you can start experiencing the cryostimulation health benefits. And don't forget to schedule your next appointment with our friendly receptionist before you leave!

Cryo chamber at Evergreen Factor in Lake Oswego, Oregon, offering a rejuvenating and recovery experience for wellness seekers.

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Smiling woman inside a cryo chamber at Evergreen Factor near Portland, Oregon, highlighting the invigorating and rejuvenating benefits of cryotherapy for enhanced wellness.
Looking for a quick and invigorating way to boost your wellness routine?

Look no further than Whole Body Cryotherapy! This cutting-edge therapy is the perfect way to experience a range of health benefits in just a few short minutes. From reducing inflammation and pain to increasing energy levels and improving overall physical performance, Whole Body Cryotherapy can help you feel like a whole new person. So why wait? Try Whole Body Cryotherapy today and start feeling your best!

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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