The Power of Biostacking: A Real Patient's Journey to Recovery

A Journey of Healing and Hope

Meet Theresa, a dedicated horse enthusiast who has been suffering from debilitating shoulder pain for three years. Her severe chronic pain prevented her from riding, feeding, or even being around her beloved horses. Theresa’s condition was so bad that she couldn't drive and had to rely on others for basic tasks.

The Turning Point: VEMI Bed Therapy

Theresa’s life took a dramatic turn when she started using the VEMI (Vibroacoustic, Electromagnetic, and Infrared) bed at Evergreen Factor. This advanced therapy combines sound, electromagnetic waves, and infrared light to promote healing and alleviate pain. Dr. Tomas explains, "We can do therapies and IV nutrition while the patient is asleep on the VEMI bed, making it an ideal treatment without the need for heavy medications."

Immediate Relief and Long-Term Benefits

From the very first day, Theresa experienced significant pain relief. She shared, "All the pain went away the first day." The VEMI bed, as well as a few other therapies, allowed her to regain full mobility in her shoulder, drive again, and most importantly, return to her beloved horses.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Theresa’s journey didn’t stop at pain relief. She also biostacked several modalities at Evergreen Factor, including our Body Reset Program, IV Nutrition Therapy, and other advanced treatments. With guidance from our team, Theresa lost 33 pounds in one month, improved her energy levels, and enhanced her overall well-being. "I lost weight, my skin is smoother, I have no pain, and I have so much more energy," she says. "It's just amazing."

Building Trust and Seeing Results

Theresa's transformation didn't go unnoticed. Her friends and family began to ask what she was doing differently, noticing her renewed energy and changed personality. Theresa’s sister was so impressed that she also joined our Superhuman Protocol and started receiving IV nutrition therapy.

More Than Just Physical Healing

Dr. Tomas highlights that the VEMI bed and our other therapies do more than just heal the body. They help rejuvenate the mind and spirit. Theresa mentioned how her mental clarity improved, how she no longer felt shaky from missing meals, and how her overall quality of life had drastically improved.

A Testimonial to Inspire

Theresa’s story is a powerful testimonial to the effectiveness of the VEMI bed and the holistic approach we take at Evergreen Factor. Her journey from chronic pain to vibrant health showcases how our innovative therapies can make a real difference in people's lives.

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